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About Us

Dr. Johnny Rice II is a nationally recognized social justice advocate, consultant and public administrator.

“I started this company to assist people and organizations with the passion to effect change in their lives and communities but lacked the expertise or support required to bring their vision to fruition. Social Justice Ventures’ goal is to tap into available resources in the areas of policy, research, and practice in order to assist our clients in achieving their strategic goals and objectives.”

Dr. Johnny Rice IIIn 2004 he founded Social Justice Ventures LLC, an independent public health consulting firm that allows him to work with individuals, organizations and communities in strengthening their capacity. The mission of Social Justice Ventures is to provide a diversified range of educational, health, and safety services that enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve healthy and safe homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. He has spent the past 17 years providing leadership, technical assistance and support to organizations that serve low-income fathers and families in the areas of child welfare, youth development and criminal justice in efforts to create safe and stable communities.

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